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Years of experience with students around the world give us a unique vision on how to teach Russian most efficiently. This is our formula: it must be fun, based on communication, and real world exercises.

Elena Markina · Ph.D., Teacher of Russian as a foreign language and co-founder of Aprus.

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What will I find?

From the start to the advanced level, we will increment the difficulty little by little, making the process instructive... and fun!

What is a lesson like?

Asking for a taxi or buying tickets for a theater are just common activities that you will learn with Aprus. Everything resolves around the real world.

Feedback from teachers

You will have a real teacher specialized in teaching Russian who will correct your exercises and help you with every step.

At your own pace

Our objective is that you really learn Russian... but stress-free! You can boost your level with just 10 minutes per day.